Our entire line of facial care.   Included is the rose clay sugar scrub, the cactus flower scrub, the clay mask, and the evening primrose facial cream.  The evening primrose facial cream has a natural SPF of around 8-10 and can be used day and night.  The rose clay scrub has lavender and amber essential oils for fragrance and the facial cream and mask have fragrances of lavender essential oil.  This set is perfect for dry skin, sensitive skin, and aging skin.  The set comes complete with reuseable bag.

Facial Gift set/ Set of four 2 oz jars

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  • This is a great gift item.  Comes complete with organza bag and gift cards enclosed.  For dry skin use the cucumber scrub once per week.  Use the clay scrub 3-4 times per week.  Use the mask once per week.  The facial cream is for daily use.  The facial cream is for dry, wrinkled skin and has seven natural moisturizers including jojoba oil and evening primrose extract to heal damaged skin.  You will notice the difference after using these products after just 2-3 weeks!